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100 years Bernina Train, Graubünden, SWITZERLAND

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Spectators can not believe what their wide eyes open witness throught the window. The deeper it gets into the Bernina Line the closer you feel to heaven, the more alive you feel and the more lucky you think you are to admire the master piece that the forces of Nature have created. The Bernina Train or “RED DEMOND” like i call it passes throught 3 different regions with different cultures within one Country (German, Rethoromanish and Italian) it travels throught 55 tunnels, over 196 bridges and since 2 years belongs to the UNESCO list of heritage. It was 100 years ago since the first time Nord and South were connected with the Bernina Line that travels all the way to Tirano in Italy. Along the way you can experience different landscapes that have inspired travelers to keep discovering the magic of this Region, to tell stories about a dreamed place almost like taken from those fairy tales that we hear when kids but we are told they are just imaginary and we have just to live up with that dream.

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