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What our Guests Say about us!

We love to talk about our Tours and Experiences. But we also know it’s helpful to read what our guests think about us. So we followed that old adage, “Enough talking about ourselves. What do you think of us?” A number of our guests responded with comments about their private adventures in the Swiss Alps. Here’s what they have to say.

Lucerne Blue Hour Photo Tour Ich habe in Luzern einen Fotokurs bei Luis besucht. Der war grossartig. Luis kennt hier sehr viele Fotohotspots und hat... read more

Beat Bratschi

Fun day Very good and informative tour and tour guide
Great pics
Great day
Showed us places with brilliant views


Luis knows the best view of Lucerne Luis knows the best view of Lucerne especially if you really want to have nice picture w nice view. I... read more