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Discover new places with our local guides 
Your Passenger Diaries guides live in the region you’re visiting.

There is simply no better way to discover a faraway place than in the company of a well-connected friend. That’s how you’ll feel about the fulltime local guides who will be your non-stop companions every step of the way on any Passenger Diaries Experiences.

You’ll always enjoy their company.

Passenger Diaries guides are there full-time for you, all day and every step of the way. From time to time, they will introduce you to specialists in anything from ageing cheese in a cave to wine-tasting to chocolate bar making. Our guides have leeway to personalise your trip on the fly, whether it’s to take advantage of an unexpected opportunity like a one-day festival or an invitation into a private home. Your guide will also be glad to offer ideas that appeal to your special interests.

Moments when a local guide matters most…

–   In a village café, you want to try the off-the-menu dish they’re having at the next table, but you don’t know how to ask for it.
–   A flock of sheep blocks your footpath, but your guide knows a detour through the private pasture of her childhood friend.
–   You need a packet of antihistamines, but no one in the pharmacy speaks English.

Get to know some of our top-rated guides


Luis has a degree in Tourism & Business Management from Lucerne University, and his career has included Food and Beverages Hotel Manager, Travel Photographer and full Mountain Guide, he is fluent in three languages (English, Spanish and German). A 10 year career in “Hotelerie” provided Luis the opportunity to travel extensively through the World. He loves meeting new people and he is very excited about every new experience in life. He is an expert in Travel Photography( people, landscapes, food and wild life) His work has been published in some of the most renowned travel magazines, travel guides and tourism boards around the World. In his pursuit to find the best spots to take great images, he developed Hiking and Walking as another life passion, which he would love to share with you in the Swiss Alps. Luis is our full time guide so he will be guiding most of our travel experiences and tours in Switzerland.


Iza has a Master Degree in Music from Lucerne University. She plays violin professionaly in Lucerne Orchestra and teaches music. Iza has traveled the World accompanying some of the best musicians and played in the most renowned Opera houses and Concert Halls around the Globe. Iza is fluent in 6 languages (English, German, Italian, Spanish, Swiss German and Polish) Since Iza is actively working with music, she guides our culture, art and music experiences just part time. Please contact us to check availability and enjoy a tour with her.