10 things to do in Summer for free. LUZERN, SWITZERLAND.

LUZERN FOR ALL: Believe it or not there’re still, in the fairy-tale, postcard-perfect city of Luzern, attractions; activities; green fields; an open-air medieval gallery and even a beach, which are free of charge!!! Discover this Summer the best ten travel experiences, without having to spend any money, with these up to-date tips around the most beautiful city along the Alps. Have you got any other recommendation?



Plan your hiking trip to the forest nearby Luzern City to admire stunning Panoramic Vistas from the Seeblick at Bireggwald. With a ten minutes bus ride from Luzern train station towards Allmend, this place is a hydeaway where people enjoy doing sport activities, or just come for a priceless and unexpectable awakening with the Alps and the Lake at your feet. Go to  http://www.luzern.com/en/hiking-tips and plan your own route.



Either for a laid-back day or to begin the day with a recharged mind and body. Here is where Luzern’s daily life can be seen at its best. Check out the map on the link and see how Lözerners like to spend their free time  http://map.search.ch/luzern/nationalquai

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A feeling of exquisite loneliness fills up the air along Luzern’s best kept nature secret. Follow the green paths towards local Vineyards, golf fields http://www.golfclubluzern.ch, mysterious Closters and take a break in one of its many grass meadows while admiring the Lake and Mountain Pilatus.  http://map.local.ch/de/search/Dietschiberg-Luzern



Known by the locals as “Konsipark” this english garden offers day after day, with its uncomparable views from the Lake and the Alps, inspiration not just to the students of the “Musik Konservatorium Luzern” but to all tranquility lovers.  http://map.search.ch/luzern/konservatorium-station-stop



Rent a bike http://www.nextbike.ch/en/luzern/ and explore this wooden atelier where the nature is the biggest source of inspiration among local creative minds  http://www.emmenimwald.ch



With a extraordinary location within walking distance from Luzern City here is where Sun worshipers gather. July offers the best time to jump in at Lake Luzern and refresh yourself  from summer heat  http://www.badi-info.ch/lu/strandbad-aufschuette.html



A water world!!! Exceptional vistas; unique nature and even a rowing club, http://www.ruderwelt-luzern.ch/en/home.html, will help relax your senses to the greatest.



Don’t take it for granted. The medieval wall and its towers, built as a protection shild against enemies, now are one of the most beloved tourist attractions. Walk along its high paths and climb the towers to get the most inspirational, PRICELESS vistas of the city http://www.luzern.com/en/musegg-wall .The Musegg organization promotes and takes care of the towers and the city wall http://www.museggmauer.ch



Cross historical bridges full with medieval paintings on their roofs; have a coffee in front of the many artistically decorated walls in old town Lucerne.http://www.swiss-timber-bridges.ch/detail/128

Spreuerbrücke roof paintings.Spreuerbrücke roof paintings.old town architecture paintings.old town architecture paintings.


A closer encounter with the nature right in the city of Luzern. See deers and goats chewing grass for hours, jumping and playing around at Hirschpark. http://www.hirschpark-luzern.ch

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