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A world away from the everyday- kerns, Switzerland.

A world away from the everyday- kerns, Switzerland.


Alpabzug (Swiss Alpine Parade)

Photographer Luis Fernando Medina Salazar might keep most of his childhood memories deep into his warm Mexican heart, but with already seven years of adventurous life in Lucerne, Switzerland, it is here where he calls it home. He is more of an optimistic nomad, or self-described “full-time pata de perro (Spanish word for a dog’s paw) ” because of his enormous travel spirit. Whether it’s a wild landscape across Switzerland, or spending time abroad, Luis Fernando feels more comfortable on the move. And while his feet are always in motion, his mind is always fixed in one single idea: getting into the skin of a new destination and capture its essence throughout his camera to present it to you all.
In this new blog post, Luis shares with us an intimate glance into his recent day photo trip to the Swiss Alpine cow parade, where there’s no shortage of interesting swiss traditions, culture, great people, and of course lots of milk and a big variety of dairy products to get lost on.
Photos by Luis Fernando Medina Salazar























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