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Panorama Path & Forest – Lucerne, Switzerland.


Making the most of shorter days!

Ready to kick fall into high views? We asked Travel Photographer Luis Medina, mastermind behind Swiss Photo Travel and Passenger Diaries, to put together the nicest, most autumnal photo walk he could think of in Lucerne city. The result? These amazing vistas from some of the loveliest Lucerne iconic peaks framed with its golden brown nature, completed with a fascinating walk through an inspiring forest. You’re going to want to be there…

Avoid getting too down about the short days, here are a few of our favorite pics to stay positive and active during these short, but beautiful autumnal times!!!


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Free in the Wildness: Steinbock Safari. MOUNT PILATUS, SWITZERLAND.



Our guides Hans Spichtig and Werner Bissig appeared at the steinbock bar to welcome us with wine, canapes and fresh brewed coffee. On top of Mount Pilatus, in Central Switzerland, we were about to follow on the steps of the Ibex, one of the most iconic animals in the Swiss Alps. Through out the wide windows, we enjoyed otherworldly vistas which were as far as the eye could reach. Some of the landscapes around were white dust peaks, some other looked like the lunar surface, and some other looked like you were right in the middle of heaven and could step on white cotton clouds to wander around.

The Wind blew strongly through the Alps unveiling all secret places where the ibex could shelter and play the seek & hide game with us. In the meantime, we stood still with a drink in the hand enjoying a relaxed moment while listening to Hans and Werner about all the knowledge and experience that they had gathered over the years living free in the Wildness.
Just before giving the last sip to my glass of wine someone in the crowd spotted a steinbock, it was a good sign, i thought, and we had not even started yet.


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