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where Angels come to play. MOUNT TITLIS, ENGELBERG.


It is Ski season,  and everyone (except me) is dressed up in fashionable outfits. Helmets, Boots, Jackets, Pants, Goggles, Hats, Gloves, and of course Hi-tech skies which could make you fly as high as an Angel over the clouds. All pieces of clothes match perfectly with each other, it looks like everyone is about to attend the latest winter fashion catwalk somewhere else in the World rather than going “Ski fahren” in the swiss alps.

Adults and children hurry up and get in line to catch the first cable car towards Mt. Titlis. I am in Engelberg, a Ski and Spa resort in central Switzerland, in the Canton of Obwalden. It is early morning, cold wind blows, but the weather forecast shows at the tv screen, inside the waiting room, clear skies and mild tempertures during the day. Im getting in my capsule-like funicular to begin my first stage to reach the major peak “Mount Titlis”.


After a pleasant ride, the Second stage awaits you. I  take a lift with the sign “to Jochpass & Titlis” the cable car is already packed with a crowd of winter sports lovers. I managed to clear my vision among skis and snow boards blocking the windows, we passed the thick clouds curtain and  the sun shines. Warm sun beams wrap us like a wool blanket, the vistas are remarkable!!!

Third Stage, the “Rotair”, with more space to move around, you don’t need to hurry up finding your best vantage point next to the window, instead, the whole saucer-like container moves 360 degrees as we start our upward journey and brings you right in front of your eyes mind-blowing Landscapes. Your adventurous spirit wakes up as we reach the last final stage. A sign welcomes you at 3028 mts with the name “Klein Titlis”. From here, all you have to do is to enjoy the alpine air and scenery.


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