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Swiss Alps Photo Adventure – Stanserhorn & the Geo-Trail

Our Swiss Alps Photo Adventure series is a behind-the-scenes look at Passenger Diaries best landscape journeys in Switzerland. Whether we’re following the stages of a new Epic Adventure build-out or sharing couple of impressions from our most Classic Swiss peaks tours, PD takes a look at the real people and real stories happening inside Passenger Diaries. This week PD’s own Luis Medina show us, through one of his many scenic journeys around the Stanserhorn & The Geo-trail, the start of Autumn with an awesome set of snapshots that perfectly capture the changing of the seasons in his home Canton of Lucerne, in Central Switzerland.

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other walks of life. MOUNT RIGI, SWITZERLAND


Mount Rigi “The Queen of the Mountains” as the local people in Central Switzerland calls her. In German language “Der Berg” uses a male article “der” to refer to the masculine subject: The Mountain; strangely Rigi uses the female article “die” since it is believe that it is a “she” and not a “he”. Local legends say that the name comes from the Latin word “Regina montium” but this hasn’t been proved. Whatever the origin, her unique elegance and mysterious beauty, is undeniable and spectacular

With a little of imagination you could see her natural, femenine and seductive curvy shape, which has been formed thousands of years ago, after the crash of the continents. She shows off her irresistible and delicated face every dawn with the sunrise coming behind her; she combs her hair with the first sunrays, she takes a look at herself in the clear crystal mirror lake water and she shows her shining smile. She is the queen of the mountains among many kings in the Swiss Alps which try to get her attention with their most spectacular display of lights. Just before sunset,when they are all bathed in honey colour light, she hides in thick clouds like an innocent girl does it behind her mother’s skirt. She will be waiting until the next morning to inspire travelers with her legendary and captive beauty and will allow to get seduced by the Swiss Alps once more!!!


Rigi & Pilatus face illustration


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