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When the Alpine farmers leave the Alpine pastures it becomes a unique and enthralling experience!

(From September to November)


This tour focuses on the incredible alpine culture and traditions. This is a kaleidoscope of colour, sound and joy as people throng through the streets of the Alpine Villages around Switzerland. This amazing opportunity to discover the cultural diversity of the Swiss Alps is an adventure you should not miss!

Autumn in Switzerland begins with Swiss cow parade, the annual tradition of 350,000 cows coming down the mountains around the alps. Swiss cows, having spent a long summer high up in the mountains, come down to the valleys for the cold winter months. Farmers and their cows come down from the mountains to great celebrations. The cows have floral crowns and their biggest, fanciest bells around their necks.

Alpine traditions are as diverse as the Swiss themselves. The fact that they originate from different cultures, and speak four different official languages, makes the festivals even more interesting. Valleys that were cut off in winter from the rest of Switzerland developed unique traditions that are alive to this day. The various customs and folk traditions celebrate the rich visual and acoustic heritage. In this fast-paced world, our culture survives only when celebrated!

You will get to know a different country to the one other tourist see!!!

What to Expect

This swiss tradition tour will take you through the heart of the Alps, opening you up to many unique local experiences. Lead by our mountain/photographer guide who is one of the finest travel photographers in the country, this tour will also feature unparalleled local knowledge offered by your local guide, who understand Switzerland like no one else does.

What we found unique about the Swiss Festivals however is how eclectic they are. Close your eyes, and mix this in with the beautiful mountain surroundings of the Alps. Open your eyes now and let the colours and sights of this mesmerizing festival in, which will remain lingering on for a lifetime!

This end-of-summer tradition has been taking place in Switzerland and other European countries since about 3000 BCE. Today, festivities include more than pretty cows on parade. In some villages, visitors will hear alphorns and yodelling, and see traditional dancing, flag-throwing and men marching in unison to the tune of the cowbells around their necks. Regional crafts and foods are also offered, including, of course, cheeses made possibly by those beautiful bovine ladies passing by in front of you.

The cow parade is always an impressive and eventful encounter with an actively practiced customs. Led by cowherds and children dressed in embroidered traditional jackets and dresses, the colorfully bedecked dairy cows come by mountain trails to village streets, where people greet the colorful parades.

And while other trips might say they are offering once in a life time experience, it is true of this cultural tour. Alpine festivals in Switzerland are relatively unknown, and you will be amazed of the wide range of customs which will give you a better understanding of the Swiss as a whole nation.

So don’t miss this incredible opportunity and join us this Autumn on an enthralling experience in the festive atmosphere of the Cow parade. Take the photographs you can’t anywhere else, and tell the story with outstanding images of the magic and mystery of the Swiss Alps through its people and landscapes.



– Visit the cow parade which is a rare opportunity for visitors to get a close-up to the alpine tradition.

– Full Escorted private tour from Lucerne.

– Transportation to the festival on a new and comfortable car or minivan.

– Tour Accompanied by a mountain/photographer guide to show you how to take better pictures.

– Enjoy the Swiss Folk: Alphorn players, flag throwing and singing groups. 

– Discover outstanding landscapes in the Swiss Alps (extension)

– This tour can be tailored to your interests and for instance combine it with a visit to the swiss alps nearby. Landscape and cultural sightseeing blend easily in Switzerland!!!

Departure time and meeting point:

– Hotel pick up and drop off

– We will leave early morning (8 am ) to get the most out of the Festival. We can also leave later if you want to. 

From September to November every year

Contact us to verify the departure date. The Festival dates can change every year. 

Tour Price:  

CHF 790 (up to 4 persons)

Our pricing is per Tour NOT per person so if there are 3 or more in your group, you’ll probably pay less than if you took a big tour. 

Book your excursion here or contact us directly to +41 76 2618641

Landscape and cultural sightseeing blend easily in Switzerland – In our tour extention, you will have the chance to combine your festival experience with an adventure trip to the swiss alps. Come and join us in a full day tour plenty of long lasting experiences and photography opportunities.  

Extension: CHF 370 


– Four hour Full escorted tour.

– Photo shooting on location with some of the performers.

– Hotel Pick up and Drop off in Lucerne.

– Private car or minivan from Lucerne to get to the Festival.

– Professional travel photographer.

– Photography assistance and tips to take better photographs. 

– Private on line gallery with the festival images to download.


– Food and beverages

– Private expenses 

– Travel insurance

– Gratuities (optional)

– Photography equipment 

– Cable cars tickets to the Swiss Alps (applies just for the extension option)

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