Photographic commissions


Based in Lucerne, Switzerland, Passenger Diaries is available for wildlife, landscape, aerial, travel, environmental issues, people and adventure photography assignments and commissions throughout Switzerland and internationally. Passenger Diaries main aim is to deliver in-depth stories and images of the highest quality. Please contact us regarding photo shoot inquiries and estimates.

With extensive experience of having traveled and photographed at locations around the World and mainly in Far East Siberia, Luis is ideally experienced to undertake photography commissions and assignments. He has worked in countries as diverse as Russia, Lithuania, Mexico, Guatemala, Austria and Switzerland. Recent clients include Caritas Switzerland, Mount Rigi, Diavolezza, Northern Rainbow people of Siberia Folk Association, Gerasskonis Baltic Magazine and Nayarit Tourism Board in Mexico.

Since establishing Passenger Diaries in 2011 we have undertaken a broad range of commercial and private commissions and have worked with numerous clients including companies, non-profit organisations, publishers, governmental agencies and a number of individuals for private projects.

We use state-of-the-art equipment to produce our images, including Canon 5D Mark III bodies, a wide range of ‘L’ series lenses, and a variety of RAW processors and image editing packages.

If you like our work, and would like to commission us for one of your own projects, either in Switzerland or further afield, please get in touch as follows:



telephone  +41 7626 18641


Examples of recent work

You can click the following link to see some samples of my recent photography commissions & assingments.
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