Slow travel’s pleasures – deceleration rather than speed!!!


Slow travellers delight in the beauty of the unexpected

“The art of living,” says Carlo Petrini, the charismatic founder of the Slow Food Movement, “is about learning how to give time to each and every thing.” And that, most surely, should include travel.

One look at Luis’ recent work around Lake Lucerne, and you’ll see more deeply into that we thought we already knew.

Join us a closer, wanderlust-induced tour at his photography and reinvigorate your habits of perception.

Built a stronger connection to the people and place you’re visiting and find the opportunity to become part of local life. Slow travel is also about a connection to culture, so experience the place more intensely!

It is like an immersion process, re-engineers your understanding of time, transforming it into a commodity of abundance rather than scarcity.

Slow travel is not about money or privilege. Slow travel is a state of mind. It is about having the courage not to go the way of the crowd

Photos by Luis F. Medina Salazar

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After eight years living in Lucerne, Switzerland, Luis is still finding new photography opportunities in Lake Lucerne and its surroundings.  He feels most inspired when he is experiencing a moment that wasn’t planned at all, he appreciates simple things but most of all, how light changes during the day.
His creativity comes and goes in cycles. He tries to fill the downtime with other creative hobbies like experimental cooking, so that he doesn’t put added pressure on forcing inspiration. He has learned that nothing good ever comes from forcing make things happen.
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