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where Angels come to play. MOUNT TITLIS, ENGELBERG.

where Angels come to play. MOUNT TITLIS, ENGELBERG.


It is Ski season,  and everyone (except me) is dressed up in fashionable outfits. Helmets, Boots, Jackets, Pants, Goggles, Hats, Gloves, and of course Hi-tech skies which could make you fly as high as an Angel over the clouds. All pieces of clothes match perfectly with each other, it looks like everyone is about to attend the latest winter fashion catwalk somewhere else in the World rather than going “Ski fahren” in the swiss alps.

Adults and children hurry up and get in line to catch the first cable car towards Mt. Titlis. I am in Engelberg, a Ski and Spa resort in central Switzerland, in the Canton of Obwalden. It is early morning, cold wind blows, but the weather forecast shows at the tv screen, inside the waiting room, clear skies and mild tempertures during the day. Im getting in my capsule-like funicular to begin my first stage to reach the major peak “Mount Titlis”.


After a pleasant ride, the Second stage awaits you. I  take a lift with the sign “to Jochpass & Titlis” the cable car is already packed with a crowd of winter sports lovers. I managed to clear my vision among skis and snow boards blocking the windows, we passed the thick clouds curtain and  the sun shines. Warm sun beams wrap us like a wool blanket, the vistas are remarkable!!!

Third Stage, the “Rotair”, with more space to move around, you don’t need to hurry up finding your best vantage point next to the window, instead, the whole saucer-like container moves 360 degrees as we start our upward journey and brings you right in front of your eyes mind-blowing Landscapes. Your adventurous spirit wakes up as we reach the last final stage. A sign welcomes you at 3028 mts with the name “Klein Titlis”. From here, all you have to do is to enjoy the alpine air and scenery.

_13A1805_13A1819Above from left to right: Titlis cable car station; Inside the waiting room getting ready to board. 


It is still cold, sun shines but warms little in a still peaceful morning. Slowly, crowds of tourist flock to the terraces and its panoramic views. Engelberg is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Switzerland duing the whole year. I have to be fast if i want to snap a couple of Panoramic shots of the great Alpine scenery that surround me before it gets too busy.

At midday, the whole Mountain is already a giant playground and a mini Olimpic venue at the same time. From adults to children, all enjoying the angel’s powder everywhere. Snowboarding, snow trekking, skiing, walking on a hanging bridge, flying literarely from one point to another with the “ice flyer sesselbahn”. No one misses the party!!!

_13A2143Above: The Titlis Rotair.

If Brasil is considered the capital of football, then Switzerland should be considered the “Meka” of winter sports and Engelberg as its most iconic image. People say ” If you want to learn about Switzerland, you have to experience once the mountains”. They are right, a Swiss no matter how Cosmopolitan and rich he or she is, deep inside them, there is a mountaineer.

Im trying to photograph children skiing but they are just too fast for my lens and camera. They all seem to have been born with a board attached to their feet. As the day passes by, i realized how big their passion is for the “white gold” as i call snow in Switzerland. It is a relationship that can be just understood if your roots are in this soil. As for me, i remember, the only time i did ski was in Argentina a long time ago, and it was enough to realized i should stick better with the football and my camera.

Just before i go, i take a look at the mountain range. I promised them i will get back and hopefully this time with my board. I want to taste the joy of the speed, the sweet bitterness of the cold air hitting your face, the adrenaline of the unknown and the surprise of the game. If “Engelberg” is the Angel’s house, then Mount Titlis is where they take a break, have fun and laugh, and i would like to join them and fly at least once just like they do. PD



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_MG_0489_13A2132_MG_0543Above: A route; precaution & a german welcome sign.







photocrati gallery




photocrati gallery


Clockwise from Above: Family skiing at Stöckli; ski lane sign; a fast ski lane; Photo after an ice flyer ride.



JochstockAbove: Skiing from the top of Jochstock.

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photocrati gallery

_13A2199_13A2217_13A2230_13A2248Clockwise from above right: Igloo’s wall decoration; ice carving inside the igloo; walking path around the snowxpark; Igloo flyer.




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-Alois Scheuber

-Machinist in Jochstock.

-48 Years working in Titlis, Engelberg.

– I love my job. During high season in Summer, we can take up to Jochstock until ten thousand persons. Everyday in the mornings i have to make sure that everything is ok to recive our first guest. I ski from Top of the Jochstock all the way down to control every single detail. You have to like ski to do this job and be friendly with people.







– Mathis Wisi

– Ice Flyer Operator.

– I have worked in Titlis already for 25 years.

– My work is seasonal. Im in charge to take care of the people getting off the ice flyer. I also make sure evrything runs smoothly in the ski lanes. What i love about my job is the beautiful and inspiring landscape just in front of me.

– It is not always sunny and warm like today, when storms come it could be very scary. You have to learn how to respect the nature and its power up here in the Mountains.





– Richard Hurschter.

– Rescue Services & security.

– I have worked already for 23 years in Titlis.

– I love the mornings when my work begins. The teamwork is important to give the best service to out visitors. We have a lot of international guest but also Swiss people love coming to Titlis to do some of the many winter sports we have o offer.







By car
Follow the A2 and take the Stans Süd exit before continuing along the main road to Engelberg. You can park your car next to the valley station.

By boat, train or bus                                                                                                                               Take the boat from Lucerne via the shimmering blue Lake Lucerne to Stansstad and then continue your journey by train to Engelberg. Alternatively, travel directly from Lucerne to Engelberg on the “Zentralbahn” railway.

Up the mountain
Hop on the six-seater cable car from Engelberg to Trübsee middle station. Continue to Stand glacier station on the aerial cableway and then take the TITLIS ROTAIR rotating cable car to the summit station at 3,020 metres above sea level.


Photo Story Highlights


After spending a whole day in Mount Titlis, Luis was surprised how well children from all ages could do ski and snowboard. He is decided to take some basic ski lessons, so he will keep up with the youth’s speed next time.






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