Luis is a Mexican Freelance Photographer, Writer, Tour Guide & Explorer. Luis, long resident in Canada, UK and the Caribbean, and now living in Lucerne, Switzerland, is the founder of PASSENGER DIARIES Travel & Cultural Photography Project.

By putting together his two passions in life, as a photographer and adventurous traveler, Luis shares ideas and thoughts, and he is always looking for unique stories to express visually. Since he started, Luis has had the privilege to travel the world for over 19 years, counting so far 25 countries in different continents .

Luis’ photography explores sensitive humanitarian & cultural issues all around the World, and the social global landscape with a deep vision, particular to one who has raised in a warm familiar atmosphere in a small Mexican Town called Chiconcuac, and has lived for several years in many other countries.

Luis has exhibited his work in Bern, Switzerland, for the Venezuelan Embassy. His commercial editorial work has been published in various magazines, including Caritas Switzerland; Gerasskonis in Lithuania; and Siberian Newspapers in Yakutsk, Russia. His commercial clients include Mount Rigi; Engadin St. Moritz Mountains; Hotel Mar de Jade in Nayarit, Mexico; The Levante Parliament Design Hotel in Vienna; The Siberian Folk Association Northern Rainbow & The Mexican Embassy in Bern.

Besides his professional work, Luis has developed a series of Travel Photography Tours & Workshops, some escorted by himself and others, hosted by renowed international Travel Photographers. He has also created private  Photography Tutorials in Lucerne.

For more details follow the link http://www.passengerdiaries.com/photo-workshops-tours/  & http://www.passengerdiaries.com/private-photo-tutorials/




Shooting from the Soul!!!


With a deep individual Vision, PASSENGER DIARIES describes the World and interprets its people, events and festivals, issues and personalities, reflecting all aspects of life throughout the Planet Earth. With imagination and brilliance, in a great collection of documentary photography, Passenger Diaries travel project gives a “Feel of the place” as far as it can be caught by its lens.

Passenger Diaries main aim  is to be a Global inspiration for people through outstanding writing and photography collected in all the years living abroad. Truly impartial information and fresh ideas are the main core of its values.

Through its editorial office in Switzerland and Mexico City, and a network of several sub-agents, PASSENGER DIARIES provides photographs to the press, publishing, advertising, television, galleries and museums across the Planet.



Sharing the authenticity and beauty of personal stories, supported with high quality images, we offer a life-changing opportunity to the world, and encourage a wider human connection necessary to engage the international community for a global social change.

With dramatic & realistic imagery we can change the understanding and shape the point of view of a paticular subject. With the power of photographic storytelling, we motivate & encourage people in different societies, to make positive change in their communities.



Passenger Diaries is a photography project with expertise in using high quality images for telling powerful stories to drive social change in the modern society. We believe that by building effective partnerships, for instance, with nonprofits organizations; travel agencies;Tour operators; Tourism boards; Cultural Associations; individuals, and the use of the shared passion for Photography & Travel, we can help activate a collective vision of change worldwide.



Passenger Diaries believes documentary photography can inspire positive change by finding suport in visual storytelling on critical environmental and social issues. The link between compelling documentary photography and our collective encouragement to change perceptions, attitudes, behavior, and even government policies – is strongly engaged with humanity.



We are optimistic, we are dreamers with a goal of building a better, stronger and more humanitarian organization to improve, first of all, our communities and to be the pionier for change on the most important social issues of our time.