Baltic Autumn, Estonia.

Continuing with Luis’ passion for the baltic countries, he headed up to Estonia to capture the Autumn colours and to witness some of the biggest bird migrations in Europe. Among Bogs, deep forest, waterfalls, lakes and a breath-taking coastline, Luis travelled “solo”  along the Estonian baltic coast. Here are some impressions of his journey: 

Photos by Luis Fernando Medina Salazar

Song by Finger Finger “Heart of Gold”






Behind the Scenes:

Luis is fascinated by the beauty of Estonia and he can’t wait any longer to discover more of this country with his camera. He drove “solo” along the coastline for five days, visiting nature parks and making other detours along his way where he has enriched his soul with the refreshing baltic air.

Image on the left: Luis is getting ready to enjoy the first sun rays of a cold autumn day anywhere in the Estonian coastline.


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