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The images with adventures of children in the magical world of the movie Narnia, couldn’t stop spinning into my brain everytime i read, either in my travel notes or in my ferry ticket, the short but yet long-lasting name of “NIDA”. The 5 minutes ferry ride, from Klaipeda to the harbour of  Smiltynė, feeds up even more your imagination as it approaches to its destination. It’s 11 am on a weekend day that promises partial cloudy skies and a small probability of rain in the afternoon but, in the Baltic sea things could change in an eye blink during the month of October. If im lucky, i could get some light breaking through those angry looking clouds, i thought myself with the biggest of the religious faiths i had ever felt.


The bus ride crosses from east to the western part of the Lithuanian Curonian Spit in 45 minutes. With a diversity of landscapes changing dramatically, it tricks your eyes. And for a short moment, you might doubt if the direction of the place you are goin to, is correct.

Colourful houses, with a strong scandinavian influence in their architecture, decorate the village of Nida. Time stands still at noon, it seems like just the adventurous people on the bus and myself will have the joy to walk and explore every corner of the town. Slowly heading towards the Sand Dunes, which little by little are being uncovered from the dense forest, an atmosphere of tranquility and pleasure fills up the air.

Laid back daily life dominates the panorama in each single block of houses i passed by. There are no more tourist around, every single one has taken his own way, following different paths without worries of what could happend next. A sence of vastness and solitute spread out miles around, just the hypnotizing sound coming from the sea breeze is the only one breaking the silence. In the distance, a massive silhouette begins to take form… it is the great Dune.

Nida ForestNida town housesNida town houses Nida town houses.

A little bit of light finally appear after have fought for half of the day against the thick shild of clouds trying to block its way. The moment that i was wishing for, unveiled artistic patterns on the dune’s sand. Some parts, simmilar to the patterns of a dried reptile skin with stripes, have been not touched or damaged by any living creature. For moments felt like the Dune itself moved to the rhythm of the wind with a zig-zag dancing steps learned in the best local latin salsa club. The blue sky contrasting with the golden yellow of the dunes, caused by a briefly but  blessed sun beams, set up the best scenario to admire the impossible and unearthed beauty around the Dune. This is a holy moment of nature which makes you believe in extraordinary, unique, unpredictable and unexplicable moments of life.

“Over there, the far away Cape,  belongs to Russia” said each other, almost whispering, a couple of tourist pointing out far away to the horizon. Perhaps because they were afraid to break the frightening but adictive silence, or because they have read the sign with the note “Valley of death”, every one kept his words for later, later where they could speak up loud, over there, far away, where mother nature could never hear them and where she could not be disturbed from her deep beautiful sleep.

Parnidis landscape reserveParnidis landscape reserveParnidis landscape reserveParnidis landscape reserveParnidis landscape reserveParnidis landscape reserveParnidis landscape reserveParnidis landscape reserveParnidis landscape reserveParnidis landscape reserveParnidis landscape reserveParnidis landscape reserveParnidis landscape reserveParnidis landscape reserve

Wide and long beaches bigger than 4 lanes highways, with ivory fine sand, are a common characteristic along the Baltic Sea coast. In the late afternoon, a few locals enjoy the quiteness and loneliness of the place. There are not many tourist during the month of October and those who dare coming, will receive a gift from the gods by allowing you witness its non-stop pinkish-orange sunsets and calm waters that will seduce all your sences with its wave of magic and divinity.

Lithuanian Baltic CoastLithuanian Baltic CoastLithuanian Baltic CoastLithuanian Baltic CoastLithuanian Baltic CoastLithuanian Baltic CoastLithuanian Baltic CoastLithuanian Baltic CoastLithuanian Baltic Coast

A calm, quiet almost sacred atmosphere in a late chilly afternoon, in the curonian spit,  makes you wish nothing else but, to capture the moment deep inside your thoughts in a memory snap that could be recalled anytime you wish to help you scape from the modern world. The wind blows stronger and the sun hides behind the horizon. All it moves are the spiral shaped sands, they lead you to a path without return through out  infinity sand dunes from where you could not go out anymore if you stay longer, it is time to leave…


Air Baltic flies to Vilnius via Riga and to another Baltic destinations. You could also fly straight to Klaipeda but you would miss the opportunity to visit 2 great Lithuanian cities: Vilnius & Kaunas, which are on the way to Kleipeda. There are plenty of trains and busses running along these 3 cities. Visit for more offers on flights and for train conexions . Ferries from Kleipeda to Curonian Spit time table


Galeia G Žvejų g.15, LT91248 Klaipėda.

Furnished apartments with all facilities for rent in down town Klaipeda. Contact Inga for more details +37062955891


Klaipeda La Cle. Sukileliu str. 10, Klaipeda 91244, Lithuania; +370 693 12355;

It serves international and Lithuanian dishes. The cosy atmosphere, its location in down town kleipeda and its fabulous kitchen makes this restaurant the perfect place either for a fine dinning or just to chill out with a cup of coffee while enjoying the lovely view it offers from the main square. Try the bisson sausage, a baltic speciality.

Open hours:

Tue – Thu: 11:00 am – 10:00 pm
Fri: 11:00 am – 11:00 pm
Sat: 12:00 pm – 10:00 pm




The Curonian Spit was the last destination to be visited by Luis, after 7 days being in Lithuania with mostly rain and cloudy days, he did not know if he could get the “feel of the place” with such an unfavorable weather conditions. The day he arrived to Klaipeda, a non-stop rain discouraged him to take the trip. Next morning all had change, the rain was gone, it was still partially cloudy but with sunny spells. The Curonian Spit wanted to show her most photogenic face to his camera.








A big thanks to Lensrent from Basel, Switzerland, for their support.  Images taken during the Lithuanian Photo Documentary with the Canon  5D MarkIII & 7D Cameras and with Canon 70-200 and the 17-40mm Tilt-Shift Lenses.


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  1. ilze November 5, 2012 at 11:41 am #

    annoying to have a sound you can not turn off

    • passenger diaries November 8, 2012 at 12:06 pm #

      Hello Ilze? you can turn off the sound if you go at the bottom of the post. Thanks for the observation.

  2. Lina November 5, 2012 at 11:54 pm #

    Dear Luis,
    Thank you for your perfect look at Neringa. You’ve cached it as it is.
    If you would like to stay in that village type, cherry red house of Preila, please do not hesitate to contact me.
    !Buena suerte

    • Passenger November 7, 2012 at 11:15 pm #

      Hello! What is your name? I might take your offer one day. The Curonian Spit is a place that i would really like to get back soon. Maybe in Summer ‘) Anyway, how are things in Winter over there? Im flying to Lithuania at ende January.

      Thanks a lot.

  3. Ele November 19, 2012 at 7:35 pm #

    Thank you for taking such beautiful photos in my country. I have to regret you were met with rain but this is something we cannot book ahead 🙂 I hope you can come back in summer.

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